1 I know my business. I know the selling prices of comparable homes, and I can also advise you on how to enhance your home to make it more attractive to a prospective buyer.

2 I know where to look for a buyer. Through advertising I will qualify all prospective buyers, and through my colleagues on the MLS I will generate and qualify many prospects quickly.

3 I know how to negotiate. An experienced third party, familiar with all aspects of real estate, is best qualified to negotiate a contract and act as mediator between seller and buyer.


4 I know how to expedite. My knowledge of finances enables me to speed up arrangements and to complete the transaction in a minimum amount of time.

5 I know real estate law and practice. Protecting your interest throughout the transaction proceedings and avoiding any legal entanglements is part of my service to you.

6 I work full time. When you employ me, I will be on the job 24/7. My use of the MLS makes over 10,000 colleagues aware of your listing so it is working just as hard for you.


7 I guarantee my work. When your home is sold upon your terms and conditions, and when you have received your cheque for the proceeds from the sale, then and only then do I get paid.